Sulfurous Acid Generator

An Organic Solution to Mimic Nature — H2So3 with Harmon Systems International

About our Sulfurous Acid Generator

The D&J Harmon Company of Bakersfield, California pioneered the technology of on site generation of sulfurous acid for agriculture in the 1950’s; John Harmon continues the manufacturing process there today.  The Harmon Systems International sulfurous acid generator, aka sulfur burner, always has been and continues to be the leader in the industry.  The Harmon Systems international generator is reliable and durable with examples of 40 year old machines still in use in the central valley of California.


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The Benefits of a Sulfurous Acid Generator

Treating your irrigation water with H2so3 provides an ideal PH which in turn helps to leach the salts in the soil. This will provide a way for turf to grow in a more natural environment; the way nature intended it to. It reduces the amount of water needed while producing a healthier product.

This is a safe organically certified process that will save you time, resources and fit into any golf course maintenance budget.

Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced water feature appearance
  • Reduced scale in sprinklers and drip systems
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Corrects problems associated with poor water penetration like dry slopes and soggy bottoms
  • Reduces biological organisms that may reside in irrigation pipes
  • Easy to install and maintain

See How It Works

Why Should I have a Sulfurous Acid Generator at my course?

On site sulfurous acid produced by the Harmon So2 Generator treats problems associated with soils affected by salts and alkalinity. The Harmon So2 Generator provides an aqueous solution with a certified organic process. Controlling alkalinity through this process enables plants to thrive under less stress, increasing oxygen and water penetration. Thriving plants are less susceptible to disease, require less fertilizer and cultivation.

Testimonial — Chimera Golf Club


Chris Sheehan — President
Chimera Golf Club | Henderson, NV

Testimonial — Revere Golf Club

“Bill has been an incredible resource for Revere Golf Club.  His expertise, coupled with the addition of a sulfur burner has been a game changer for us.  We have eliminated pond weeds and algae, improved soil-infiltration rates and overall turf-quality across the property.  The sulfur burner has been and continues to be a fundamental key to our success.”

James Symons — Director of Agronomy
Revere Golf Club

Testimonial — Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa

“I just wanted to let you know what a positive effect the application of sulfurous acid into our irrigation water has had. I can apply 35% more irrigation without effecting our daily golf playability. No standing water. Dry spots have vanished and the entire course is a uniform deep green color. I look forward to reducing the amount of water needed on a daily basis, saving dollars and water on what is a very high cost here in the SW Texas desert. ”

Highest Regards,
Randy Small — Golf Course Superintendent
Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa

Testimonial — Palms Golf Club

“Here at the Palms golf course we have some poor soil conditions. High Ph, high salinity, poor drainage etc. to make matters worse the water we use to irrigate isn’t good either. Rather than constantly trying to amend soil conditions we decided to try and clean up our water. A few years ago we started burning sulfur on a regular basis. I had heard that it was a pain and wasn’t worth doing. But after getting a burner and putting it to use I discovered it was very easy to use and the results were better than expected. We are able to keep our water’s Ph at about 6.5. That is a nice change from Ph of 8.  We have had noticeable results on the golf course. The turf has responded well to drinking clean water. It holds up to traffic much better and has more vigor in times of weather extremes. Many of our poorly draining areas have recovered as well and are no longer a problem. Some of our fairways that really struggled with compaction have rebounded as well. I am happy with the results I have had here from burning sulfur and with the conditions I have here I will continue with the program.”

Jeff Martin
Palms Golf Club — Mesquite, Nevada

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