Testimonial — Palms Golf Club

“Here at the Palms golf course we have some poor soil conditions. High Ph, high salinity, poor drainage etc. to make matters worse the water we use to irrigate isn’t good either. Rather than constantly trying to amend soil conditions we decided to try and clean up our water. A few years ago we started burning sulfur on a regular basis. I had heard that it was a pain and wasn’t worth doing. But after getting a burner and putting it to use I discovered it was very easy to use and the results were better than expected. We are able to keep our water’s Ph at about 6.5. That is a nice change from Ph of 8.  We have had noticeable results on the golf course. The turf has responded well to drinking clean water. It holds up to traffic much better and has more vigor in times of weather extremes. Many of our poorly draining areas have recovered as well and are no longer a problem. Some of our fairways that really struggled with compaction have rebounded as well. I am happy with the results I have had here from burning sulfur and with the conditions I have here I will continue with the program.”

Jeff Martin
Palms Golf Club — Mesquite, Nevada